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About Us

What is Winchester Creatives?

The recession, sparked by the pandemic, has created a gap in the jobs market for young people. So, what is this gap? It has become increasingly difficult for young creatives to find their way into the creative sector, and it is only going to get more challenging. Not only this, there is a gap for employers trying to hire new creative talent, and a gap for our communities if creativity is not supported. 

To close this gap, our Winchester Creatives volunteer team are offering 5 student placements on the Winchester Creatives apprenticeship scheme. The 5 apprentices will have a specific set of skills, this will allow them to form a fully functioning creative agency working on briefs set by our sponsors, for 6 months starting in January. We’ll provide specific training programmes and experience, to help them become even more employable. 

We’ve raised money through crowdfunding and from kind sponsors (more below). We are now looking for 4 more kind businesses to sponsor our 4 remaining apprenticeship spaces.

For more information visit: https://www.winchestercreatives.co.uk/

Why You Should Join Us

Our Purpose

We're bringing together Hampshire's young creative talent and experienced entrepreneurs to help young people to 'Mind The Gap' so that we can help the next generation of talent 'get in and get on' in the creative and digital industry.

Apprenticeship scheme

Our apprenticeship scheme will support 5 young creative apprentices wanting to break into the industry. We will choose 5 apprentices with a specific set of skills. These include 1) Graphic Design, 2) Digital Design, 3) Technical Development, 4) Film making and 5) Copywriting. 

These skills will allow our students to form a close-knit team, covering all the bases of a functioning creative agency. 

We’ll provide training programmes, tailored to what they need to get ahead. Whether that’s to hone digital marketing skills, build their technical skills, or develop an entirely new skill set to increase their employability, we’re here to help. We’ll also be providing each apprentice with a living wage, funded by our kind business sponsors.


We’ve got some amazing mentors signed up to help the next wave of creatives navigate these turbulent times. These wonderful people have volunteered their time for the next 6 months to help share insight, review portfolios, provide helpful tips, and to act as an insider’s guide to breaking into the industry. 


We are building a strong community of support and encouragement. We are running monthly online events to inspire and encourage our young creatives and equip them with the necessary 'employability' skills to thrive, not just survive, during this post-pandemic recession.

For more information visit: https://www.winchestercreatives.co.uk/programmes

A Big Thanks

We were lucky enough to have over 100 people back our initial crowdfunding campaign. We’re grateful to each and every one of them. We have also received generous sponsorship from Casella Family Brands, Brightful, Cactus and Winchester City Council. Thank you for their kind and generous support.

More about those that have supported us here: https://www.winchestercreatives.co.uk/roll-call

Thank you.

Richard Coope & Dan Benham
Co-founders, Winchester Creatives